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My love for VW products started when I turned 16 years old when I purchased a 1964 Beetle as my first car. I have always been drawn to working on cars, before becoming a mechanic I worked in car audio for 11 years which gave me a huge step up to understanding into electrical repairs. I left the car audio field in Oct 1997 and have been here at Darsh/Dubsport ever since, purchasing the business in 2003.

I have always maintained the philosophy that I treat my customer as I would want to be treated if I were on the other side of the counter and it seems to work great as I still have many of the customers that were here before I even started back in 1997!

I first started thinking about being a mechanic when I was 14 and decided that I would like to take over my dad’s business one day. I got into cars when I first started driving at 16 and immediately fell in love with Volkswagens. Ever since then, I’ve owned 3 vehicles, all of which have been either VW or Audi.

I’m someone who enjoys comfort, while at the same time not sacrificing speed and agility. What I love about VW is that their cars do exactly that. I plan on sticking with VW for the rest of my life and I always strongly encourage those around me looking for a vehicle to get one too.

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