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We are professional and experienced certified mechanics who are strong believers that regular maintenance can:

  • Significantly reduce the need for large repairs.
  • Help your vehicle perform at its best.
  • Help us proactively detect issues before they become a major problem.
  • Give you predictable and manageable expenses.
  • Save you money.

We regularly see firsthand what happens when vehicles are not regularly maintained.
Below are a few common maintenance services that you should be doing.

Oil Changes
Please avoid delaying this simple maintenance requirement. We are talking about fast moving metal parts, that if not lubricated and cooled properly, will quickly overheat, and cause major engine damages. Call us today and book your next oil change. Oil changes is recommended every 7,500 km to 8,000 km when using proper, full synthetic oil. Please note that Alberta is considered as an extreme weather environment for your vehicle.

Transmission Service
Your transmission is composed of many different moving components designed to smoothly select the proper gear for optimum performance and fuel efficiency. It continually changes gears as you accelerate and decelerate, or to change between reverse and forward as you move in and out of your driveway and parking lots.

To ensure these simple gear changing tasks continuously occur and is performed smoothly, we highly recommend that you have your transmission serviced regularly. The service interval may from one vehicle model to another. However, it is usually completed around every 60,000 km. If you have not done yours recently, please contact us today.

Air Filters and Cabin Filters
I bet you have all heard of oil filters and ensure they are regularly changed each time you get an oil change. How about your air filter and cabin filer? Do you know what those are and when they were last changed? One helps your engine breath in clean air, and the other helps the vehicle’s occupant’s breath in clean air. Call us to have your air filters and cabin filters inspected and replaced if required.

Coolant Flush
As you may know already, your engine generates a lot of heat during the combustion of fuel and air mixture. If not cooled properly, your engine would quickly overheat and lead to severe engine damage. Therefore, there is an engine cooling system designed to keep your engine cool and at its optimum operating temperature.

The engine’s cooling system is a closed loop system primarily composed of a radiator, thermostat, a pump, some tubes, and the coolant fluid that flows in the tubes and these components.
Over time, the coolant level can decrease, and the chemical composition of this fluid will also change over time as it circulates within all these different components and exposed to such extreme temperatures.

To ensure optimum cooling by the coolant fluid, we need to regularly flush this coolant fluid and replace it with new coolant fluid. A process that is much like an oil change. If your vehicle coolant has not been flushed recently, please give us a call to book an appointment. We will inspect the fluid and let you know when it should be replaced.

Brake Fluid Flush
I am sure you have all heard about this one, and for most of you, likely never had it done on your vehicle.

Your brake fluid is a special type of fluid that operates under hydraulic pressure and flows from its reservoir to your brake calipers. As you press the brake pedal, the brake master cylinder and the brake fluid perform their magic to squeeze the 4 calipers at the wheels and quickly slow down or stop your vehicle. Over time and through temperature fluctuations, the brake fluid will absorb moisture (water). Too much moisture in the brake fluid and it will no longer behave as needed when subjected to hydraulic pressure. If the brake fluid is not behaving as needed, this means the brake calipers are not being squeezed properly, which in terns mean your vehicle will not stop as effectively. Not something you want to happen.

Please have your mechanic inspect your brake system regularly and perform a brake fluid test and flush as required for optimum stopping power.

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